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Create your own one of a kind furniture experience

With our bespoke furniture design service, you can create your very own unique piece of furniture tailored exactly to your needs, designed to perfectly fit your abode.

Don't feel constrained by choosing a piece to fit into your interior or exterior space, instead speak to us to find the perfect match and have it complement exactly your dream plan.

We make your furniture designs come to life. Using the highest quality materials, we can design and create bespoke stone furniture pieces or collections that will be made by our skilled craftsmen to meet your style and space.

Case Study

Bespoke Furniture for Bugzy Malone

Bugzy Malone, a prominent British rapper and actor, discovered our brand through Instagram. Initially intrigued by our products, particularly our curved furniture, Bugzy approached us to discuss his unique requirements. As we discussed our bespoke capabilities, Bugzy's preferences evolved, setting the stage for a collaborative design process.

We embarked on crafting a range of dining furniture under Bugzy's B brand, tailored to his unique specifications. Despite the absence of brand guidelines we cleverly leveraged his neck tattoo into our designs. 

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Shop our popular range collections

Athena: Classic simple lines that transcend the single plinth bases of the dining and coffee tables plus a modern low coffee table.
Sorrento: Our flagship design that demonstrates our innovation and technical ability with interlocking circles that give the wow factor with the dining and consoles tables.
Verona: The elegant curves of the Verona dining, console and coffee table will grace and living space.
Capri: With its off set geometric square bases, the dining, coffee and side tables provide the ideal combination in any modern setting.

Marble Dining Tables: With their luxurious appearance and durable construction, our range of marble dining, coffee and side tables provide the ideal combination in any modern setting.

Featured product

Louvre Granite Side Table

Tax included.
Base Colour: Forest Black
Top Colour: Champagne Gold

The Louvre. Inspired by the Pyramide Inversée, this occasional table combines the two most basic geometric shapes – the square and triangle – into a stunning design. The Side Table combines solid stone and stainless steel into a luxury statement piece of furniture.

Available in a selection of non-porous, stain-resistant quartz, granite and marble options with multiple colour choices for the stainless steel top.

Why Choose Us

We are a UK based family owned manufacturer who have been specialising in natural stone products for over 27 years. We aim to delight all our customers with high quality and luxury products that enhance all interior and exterior design projects.

From start to finish

From the first visit to our showroom or initial telephone call, we will guide you through the whole process to ensure you select the right product. Our own delivery experts will install your new furniture in your room of choice. As we make all our furniture in house, we can usually deliver within 4-6 weeks of placing the order.

Quality far above the norm

We specialise in natural marbles and granite as well as man made quartz and sintered stones with every piece being hand made in our Devon workshop with unrivalled artistry and skill. The result is flawless luxury furniture that combines contemporary design with timeless style. From elegant dining to bold boardroom pieces, experience our passion, precision and craftsmanship.

Expert advice

From design, development through material selection and a passion for beautiful furniture we will provide guidance to help you plan your new living space with products that are crafted to your individual requirements.

Create unique pieces

We continually strive to push the boundaries of technology to create unique pieces and perhaps we are most proud of our ability to bend and shape quartz which is the fourth hardest mineral known to man, to create stunning statement pieces.

Sustainability is core to our business

We utilise natural materials and have 2 water recycling plants, to ensure that we utilise rainwater in our factories.