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Athena Granite Dining Table

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available to make unique to you, choose from colour of the stone to the finishing edge.

Enjoy mealtimes in style with the Athena Granite Dining Table. Its single plinth base ensures maximum stability and its striking granite finish adds a touch of class to any dining area, making it the perfect addition to any home. The Athena Granite Dining Table is a stylish and timeless piece, hand-crafted from durable and quality materials for a luxurious look and feel that lasts.

Size: 2000 x 1000
Colour: Forest black
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Customise this furniture

If you wish to customise a product to meet your exact requirements then please contact one of our team to discuss the options. For example we can change the size, shape and edge detail of your table top. Call us on 01626 330 337

Our Materials

We typically stock a range of marble, granite, quartz and sintered stones and can source other materials e.g Travertine upon request. Contact us for specific material requests or if you wish to coordinate with existing furniture items.

Delivery Info

We have our own dedicated team who will deliver and install your new furniture in the room of your choice and remove any transit packaging.

It is always helpful to know if there are any access or parking restrictions so please let us know when ordering.

Customise your furniture

Every table is handmade in our Devonshire workshop with unrivalled artistry and skill The result is flawless luxury furniture that combine contemporary design with timeless style.

If you wish to customise a product to meet your exact requirements then please contact one of our team to discuss options. For example we can change the size, shape, edge detail and material of your table top.

Call our expert team on 01626 330 337

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Why Steve Bristow Furniture?

Hand-finished to the same exacting standards as our worktops, every piece of our luxury stone furniture is designed for timeless style and built fo bring pleasure for decades to come.

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Case Study

Michelin-Starred chef, and restaurant owner Simon Hulstone sits down with us to talk about his recent restaurant refurbishment, using Steve Bristow Furniture and Neolith Sintered Stone for their bar tables, bar and washrooms.

“We are so glad we found Steve Bristow as he understood what we needed and nailed our brief to an absolute tee. His unique furniture has transformed our dining experience”

Simon Hulstone

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Why choose Steve Bristow Furniture?

Exquisite workmanshp

With over 150 years of stone craftsman experience.

• 3D rendering to show design

• Robotics used for precision cuts

• Every piece hand finished

Highest quality materials

Specialist in natural and man made stones sourced from the best suppliers globally

• Marbles, Travertine, Onyx

• Natural Granite

• Quartz and Sintered for uniform patterns

Unique designs

We strive to push the boundaries of technology.

• Ability to bend and shape quartz (4th hardest mineral)

• Designs can incorporate stone, metal and glass.

• Designs catering for contemporary and traditional living