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Case Study: Bespoke Dining Furniture for Bugzy Malone
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Case Study: Bespoke Dining Furniture for Bugzy Malone


Bugzy Malone, a prominent British rapper and actor, discovered our brand through Instagram. Initially intrigued by our products, particularly our curved furniture, Bugzy approached us to discuss his unique requirements. As we discussed our bespoke capabilities, Bugzy's preferences evolved, setting the stage for a collaborative design process.

Engagement Process

We embarked on crafting a range of dining furniture under Bugzy's B brand, tailored to his unique specifications. Central to the design was the incorporation of his B branded logo. Despite the absence of brand guidelines we cleverly leveraged his neck tattoo into our designs. Meeting up at Decorex 2023, we guided Bugzy through real examples of product options and materials.

Development and Collaboration

Meticulously crafted renderings were presented for Bugzy's approval, ensuring alignment with his aesthetic preferences. Emphasising confidentiality, we executed an NDA and collaborated closely, conducting on-site visits to finalise samples and refine dimensions in Bugzy's home environment. Throughout the production phase, Bugzy received regular updates and visual insights into the development of his bespoke furniture.

Example design option:

Outcome and Feedback

The collaborative efforts culminated in totally unique pieces of furniture that ingeniously integrated metal inserts bearing his logo into each furniture piece. Bugzy's enthusiastically praised the final result with a resounding "you nailed it, guys." Subsequently, the bespoke dining furniture found its place in Bugzy's home, becoming a prominent feature even documented in his House of Vision YouTube video, which you can see below.


The Bugzy project epitomises our commitment to personalised craftsmanship and collaborative design. Through leveraging our bespoke capabilities and fostering a close partnership with Bugzy, we translated his vision into tangible, bespoke furniture pieces seamlessly integrated with his home's aesthetic. This case study underscores our dedication to tailoring solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations, resulting in truly distinctive and memorable pieces.

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