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Bespoke outdoor table like no other!
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Bespoke outdoor table like no other!

What may look simple is not always the case.

A private client came to us as they wanted to seat 16 people outdoors with a matched pattern and seamless join.

We work with book matched slabs to continue patterns over large lengths which in this case was 4.2m and have the technology for precise joins so no problem there.

The brief however was to have 2 tables in 1 – One part that could be brought inside and used in winter in a dining area and the other half left outside for warmer winter days.

We designed the tops and bases so that one table had one central plinth and the other with 2 legs with locators making it easy to take apart and put back together to create the longer length.

Behind the aesthetics we often put additional thought into the finished details.

A very happy customer once again.

Private Client - "I am very happy with the table! Thank you for all your assistance and communication during the process.’’


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