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We specialise in working with granite, quartz, sintered stone and marble, working with the major brands and suppliers where many friendships have been built with our long standing partners over the years, not least, our world renowned marble suppliers in Carrara, Italy.


Quartz Is made from quartz particles compressed and
bonded with a small percentage (approx 7%) of colourants,
resins and polymers under high temperature that creates
a uniform colour and pattern. Quartz is non-porous, stain
resistant and ideal for high traffic areas where consistent
and uniform colours are required. Normally specified for
indoor use as the colour may fade over time if subject to
long periods of UV light.


Granite is a natural material with no two slabs being the
same as the pattern and any veining have been formed over
millions of years. Granite is durable, hard wearing and ideal
for high traffic areas where a unique pattern or colour is
requested. Can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Sintered Stone

Sintered stone is made from granite particles that are heated and compressed under extreme pressure that mimics the formation of the earth’s crust. The result is a very strong surface that is non –porous, stain resistant and is available in thinner thicknesses than granite,
quartz or marble. Ideal for use in high traffic areas both indoors and outdoors and including commercial environments such as restaurants.


Marble is a natural stone and like granite, is found with variations
between each slab. Marble is a porous and soft material so although being the epitome of luxury can be less hard wearing than the other
stones we work with.