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Luxury Outdoor Furniture to Last the Test of Time

Luxury Outdoor Furniture to Last the Test of Time

Your outdoor space is one of the most important and unique areas of your home. Thankfully, with advancements of design and technology, there are an infinite number of combinations when it comes to outfitting your space with social, cooking, and entertaining spaces.

All our furniture made from natural and sintered stone is completely useable and suitable for both inside and outside use. So, whether you are looking for something out of our portfolio, or want us to create a bespoke piece for your outdoor area, then we have the perfect material to create it in.

Apollo Side Table with a Neolith Zaha Stone top


Is Quartz Stone Suitable for Outside Use?

Manufactured quartz – the type used for our furniture and kitchen worktops – is unfortunately not suitable for outside use. Over long periods of time, UV light can alter the colour of quartz, changing the appearance of your luxury piece.

For that reason, we would recommend that you keep and quartz furniture pieces as interior furniture, and choose either natural or sintered stone for outdoor areas.

Natural Stone Outdoor Furniture

Granite and Marble are admired around the world for their stunning visual properties. Thousands of different types are available, and each slab is different from the last. If you want a totally unique piece, then this is the stone to go for.

Being natural products, Granite and Marble are ideal for outdoor settings and they will maintain their vibrant finish for years to come. Whether you are making a full outdoor kitchen and dining area, or just want a cosy drinks table, you cannot go wrong with these options.

The Capri Side Table with a Forest Black Granite table top

Sintered Stone Outdoor Furniture

Sintered Stone, like Quartz, is a manufactured stone product. However, unlike Quartz, it is completely suitable for outside use. In fact, Sintered Stone can even be used for flooring and exterior building cladding!

There is a huge range of colour and design options with Sintered Stone, from natural stone options, to wood effects (Neolith La Bohème) or rusted sheet metal (Neolith Iron Range), along with pure solid colours.

Sintered Stone is also a lighter product than natural stone, allowing easier manoeuvrability, should you wish to move the furniture around more often.

Bespoke 18-seater Neolith Table

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